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Pre purchase examinations are an important part of our work.  I aim to make the buyer aware of any significant issues the horse has and then help with the decision of whether or not the horse is suitable for purchase.  An official British Equine Veterinary Association certificate reporting all the findings is then issued.

A blood sample is always taken for storage for 6m at any vetting so that  it is available for analysis should there be any unexpected problems with the horse.  If you are buying a horse to be ridden then we recommend a standard 5 stage (full) vetting as opposed to the slightly cheaper 2 stage (part )vetting.  A 5 stage vetting is much better at detecting subtle lameness, back or wind problems as the horse is ridden and subjected to strenuous exercise.  In our opinion a 2 stage vetting where the horse is not ridden is like going to buy a car and not bothering to take it for a test drive!

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